Men’s Surf Watches

SearchGPS Surf Watch

Rip Curl

The ultimate surfers watch. Need we say more. GPS tracking, sharing capabilities and 1,360 tide locations! Oh, and it tells the time. A watch for those on The Search.

Re-Live Every Session

Surf Replay

Re-live every session now with Surf Replay. Watch your surf play back at 1x, 10x, 20x, or 30x, speed. Surf Replay is a whole new way to re-live your surf. This feature is also available to all web users by logging into

Surfer Search

It’s never been easier to find your friends on the SearchGPS platform. Connect to other surfers, take them on in club challenges and use the platform to build your social circles. Just start typing their name or SearchGPS handler.

Learn more on the official SearchGPS website